Friday, November 14, 2014

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The Bible is recognized throughout the world as an historically-validated book of wisdom and knowledge.
The following videos explain how the Bible says we can develop:

1) Anger. 2) Depression anxiety, fear.
3) Heart Failure. 4) osteoporosis. 5) Stomach Ulcers, Gallstones. 6) Obesity.

8) Sleeping Disorders and circulatory problems .

They then explain how the Bible says that if these maladies were caused by the means described therein, they can be likewise, cured by the methods described therein.

There are two video series; one for the Christian and one for the non-Christian. The healing is for everyone, regardless of his/her religious affiliation. For the non-Christian, we have edited out, insofar as practical, references to God and the Holy Spirit. In those instances where this was not practical, we suggest that the viewer substitute the term ‘friendly extra-terrestrial’ or some other neutral terminology. But by any means, please do not let this stop you from achieving the healing that is intended for you.

NOTE: Whenever you see colored text, it is a link you may click that leads to what is being described in the text.

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