Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Segment 6

In the opening parts of this Segment Pastor Danial Scutte gives the account of a woman named Mary and the horrific things she went through as well as how she forgave those that had hurt her and the freeing power it gave her by doing so.

At 7:30
Pastor Danial Scutte Recaps on the 8 steps in the downward spiral of destruction. 

At 12:13
Pastor Danial Scutte Begins by outlining examples of mans solutions to bitterness and anger exc, and explaining why this does not work.

At 17:10
Pastor Danial Scutte gives the first step in forgiving those that have hurt us.

At 23:26
The second step in Forgiving those that have hurt us 

At 33:43
The Third Step in forgiving those that have hurt us and keeping yourself from dwelling on past regrets. 

At 34:44
The fourth step in regaining lost ground to bitterness and anger. 

At 36:55
Pastor Danial Scutte goes into great detail on the importance of reading and remembering Gods word and it's part in rewiring how we think, Pastor Dan Does this by giving examples of Gods word verses some of the ways the world would have you think. 

At 52:40
This Segment Closes with an example from a pastors wife and how her bitterness was the cause of her illness and how letting the anger go from her life healed her. 

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