Monday, December 1, 2014

Segment 4

"The Spirits Of Jealousy And Darkness"

At 25:11
Pastor Dan Discusses More about Osteoporosis and how Jealousy can be a leading factor in it's cause.
  At 47:28
Pastor Dan addresses  sleeping problems and osteoporosis


We know from medical science that stress of any kind is bad for the body. But in scripture we see that specific sources of stress are linked to specific ailments. In this case we look at the possible underlying causes of Sleeping Disorders and Osteoporosis; that result from envy.

Scripture Tells us "Envy is the rotteness of the bones"
We know from medical studies that hormones such as Cortisol are affected by stress. An imbalance of these hormones can cause an imbalance in the production of Osteoblasts and Osteoclasts which then cause one’s body to absorb less calcium and potassium weakening the bones in the body. This is known as Osteoporosis

One of the leading stores of Energy in the body is the muscle tissue connected to our bones.
Muscle tissue in our bodies contains glycogen which is an energy source in our bodies.

Low nighttime blood glucose can also result from inadequate glycogen reserves in our bodies. Cortisol causes these reserves to be broken down into glucose that is then available to the cells. When low Cortisol and low Glycogen reserves coincide, blood glucose will most likely drop, disrupting sleep. Those that are envious of other people, perhaps a wife who is envious of another women who looks better then her or perhaps a man who is envious that his neighbor has a better car or a better looking wife is suffering from sleeping problems. Is it so hard to imagine that the stress from dwelling on what you do not have, or what others do have, can lead to the illnesses outlined here?

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